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Alice in Londonland is a podcast on Spotify, a live event at The Night Owl, and a monthly radio show on Soho Radio's NYC + Culture Channel.

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9 Songs Podcast

Each month Alice chats with a prolific guest from the music industry in which the guest chooses their nine songs. Songs that they’ve always loved, that have inspired them and most importantly songs that have proven to be the soundtrack of their life. All played amidst an in-depth interview with the featured guest.

Click HERE to listen

Underground Sounds

Each month the Alice in Londonland Underground Sounds live event cultivates a space for original material and artists.

Supporting artists after the Lockdown, we film and record each performance, which are given free of charge to the artists, with the best ones being featured on the monthly radio show.

The door fee for this event goes towards paying for this service.

Click HERE for tickets.


Patreons get in FREE - Click HERE for the Patreon

Performers:  Contact ALICE to perform!

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Radio Show

Alice in Londonland is our monthly music radio show on Soho Radio's NYC + Culture Channel.  Each month features excerpts from the latest 9 songs podcast, where Alice interviews a profile guest from the music industry.

The show also includes highlights from the Alice in Londonland Underground Sounds live event, which takes place every fourth Thursday at the Night Owl in Finsbury Park.

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