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Free Seed Radio Shows

Every Thursday 10am on Soho Radio

For over a decade, the Free Seed team have been bringing you radio shows that celebrate the diverse mix of UK music and so much more. With five different shows from our amazing hosts, we've got something for everyone to enjoy. Wanna hear more? Click the arrows below to meet the team below and read about their show...

Jim and Steve.jpg

Jim Burke and Steve Harcourt

Zero Hours

A collection of nonsense from Jim and Steve of Collapsed Lung infamy. Jim may well also slip into being Mr B, and Steve may put on his Free Seed hat...


Expect the kind of oddness that only Collapsed Lung can provide - According to the 'Virgin Encyclopedia of Dance Music', "All round entertainers from Harlow, Essex, England, Collapsed Lung utilise an unconventional hip-hop derived musical format"

Want to learn more about Free Seed Radio Shows? Get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from our listeners.

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