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Our mission

We're on a mission to bring you the news you won't find on mainstream media. We want to hear from the people how the world events unfolding are affecting them and you can join our independent reporters, as they find the stories focused on human rights, civil movements and politics. 

How to follow Free Seed News

You can find us on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram, and Facebook! Drop us a comment on our content and share your views on the news.


We are always looking for positive people to join the team.  If you would like to be trained in any of the areas of the work we do, whether that be news, film, music or anything else, there are volunteer opportunities available!  Just get in touch!

Join the Free Seed News Team as we grow

Our aim is to cover as much of the activity happening as it happens, so if you're keen to join the team and want to help share the news that the mainstream won't share, please get in touch.


We're a friendly team, small but mighty, and with your help, we can give a voice to those who are never heard.


Let us take you to the centre of the action and we'll help you practise roving reporting and how to create a news story. If you have a skill, such as videography or editing or are simply passionate about media and journalism then please do get in touch!


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