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Alice Platt and Jud Charlton

Alice in LondonLand is our monthly music show hosted by Alice Platt and Jud Charlton. Each month features excerpts from the latest 9 Songs podcast, where Alice interviews a profile guest from the music industry.

The show also includes highlights from the Alice in Londonland Underground Sounds live event, which takes place every fourth Thursday at The Night Owl in Finsbury Park.

Alice in Londonland

Episode #13

This month's show has excerpts from Jack Flanagan's 9 Songs.

Jud Charlton

Episode #12

This month's special guest is Jud Charlton

Jane Horrocks

Episode #11

This month's special guest is legendary actor Jane Horrocks

Best of 2021 - Part 2

Episode #10

This month it's a Special featuring more of the best of all the interviews from 2021

Christmas Special

Episode #9

This month it's a Christmas Special featuring the best of all the interviews from 2021

Episode #8

Johnny Turnbull

This month's special guest is Johnny Turnbull of The Blockheads

Episode #7

Clint Boon

This month's special guest is musician and Broadcaster Clint Boon, well known as keyboard player of the Inspiral Carpets.

Episode #6

Morgan Nicholls

This month's special guest is musician Morgan Nicholls, well known from The Senseless Things, and for playing with The Streets, Muse, The Gorillaz, and The Who.

Episode #5

Colin Gibson

Alice meanders through musical history with Skip Bifferty Bassist, Comedy Writer and Artist Colin Gibson.

Episode #4

Alan McGee

Alice hears the stories behind the music from founder of @creationrecords and highly acclaimed band manager Alan McGee. Sharing artists he loves, as well as talking about his career, life, past, present & future!

Episode #3

Josh Whitehouse

Alice is joined by @joshuawhitehouse the star of ‘Northern Soul’ and frontman of @moreliketrees who shares 9 songs that accompanied his journey into acting and many other aspects of his life.

Episode #2

Mick Gallagher

Songwriter and legendary session musician, Mick Gallagher, shares stories from his incredible music career performing with Ian Dury and The Blockheads, The Clash and The Animals, Paul McCartneyRoger DaltreyRobbie WilliamsDave Stewart and Annie Lennox.

Episode #1

Miss Baby Sol

The work of Congolese-born British singer/songwriter Miss Baby Sol spans the music genres of dance, electronic, folk, hip hop, house, indie rock, jazz, rap and soul. She joins Alice to share her love of life and music and the 9 songs which inspire her.