Steve is a Broadcaster/writer/composer/producer, who works in several media areas. As well as producing/presenting radio, at Soho Radio, and films (with Free Seed Films), he continues to write for After 6 years as a staff writer, he recently became Movies Editor.


His career started with successful chart act Collapsed Lung, mostly known for ‘Eat My Goal’, which was used extensively by Coca-Cola. Collapsed Lung have recently released a new album, ‘Zero Hours Band’. For many years he also ran a successful and internationally respected music venue, The Square in Harlow. In addition, he is a co-founder in Free Seed Films.

Steve has covered the BFI London Film Festival for the past few years and some examples of his work can be seen below:

LFF 2020 - Ammonite

LFF 2020 - The Human Voice

LFF 2020 - New Order (Nuevo Orden)

LFF 2020 - David Byrne's American Utopia

LFF 2020 - Another Round

LFF 2020 - Shadow Country

LFF 2020 - Undine

LFF 2020 - Farewell Amor

LFF 2020 - Siberia

He has also written about several other festivals, including UKFF, and Tweetfest, as well as many TV shows:

Tweetfest 2020 - Short Film Festival Review

The Free Seed radio show Steve produces has extensive links with Picturehouse Central, and as well as having film guests (including delegates from LFF), there is a weekly section detailing new releases and film news.


An example of the Picturehouse Central Section/Film News in studio with Liz McMullen (1hr 38m):

Episode 282 (10/10/19) w/Guests Dylan Gebbia Richards, and Andromeda Godfrey & Diana DeBenedetti

An example of the Film News section during the Lockdown with Liz McMullen (1hr 49m):

Episode 318 (18/06/2020) Quarantine #14 w/Guest Haris Nukem

An example of the Picturehouse Central Section with Sarah Cook as guest (1hr 18m):

Episode 303 (05/03/2020) IWD Special with Julie Hamill, Miki Berenyi, and Sarah Cook

A couple of show examples with extensive Interviews with Filmmakers:

Episode 306 (26/03/2020) Quarantine #2 w/Guest Lucinda Thakrar

Episode 302 (27/02/2020) w/Guest Mark A.C. Brown

An interview with fellow LFF2019 Delegate and Film Marketing Consultant Deborah Sheppard:

Episode 289 (28/11/2019) w/Guests Josh Raz, and Deborah Sheppard


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